Meghann J.

Fairfax, VA

I am one of those 20 somethings who hasnt exactly made it a habit of going to the dentist every 6 months like I am supposed to (luckily I have good teeth and brushing habits!) I went to the same dentist from the time I had teeth until the time I was 23, it was what I knew. That dentist doesnt and hasnt accepted any of the insurance that I have had since that time. I did make the mistake of picking a dentist out of the list of in group providers about 4 years ago and that was a disaster. I was in a lot of pain and I only went in for a cleaning!

Dr. Azmoudeh came as a referral from a very good friend and coworker, so I figured that I really did need to get in to see the dentist, it had been entirely too long. I made my appointment on a Thursday and was able to go in this past Tuesday (no long waiting periods for an appointment because her practice is so new!)

The office is in a one of the new business parks in Ashburn, so when you walk in everything is completely new. Dr. Azmoudeh went over my dental history and was very eager to learn about my history and why I was there. She did a fantastic job at easing my nerves after my last bad dental experience. She is also the person that does the actual cleaning and takes the x-rays as opposed to having a hygienist do these things.

Seriously, I almost fell asleep while I was having my teeth cleaned. She has a massaging chair (that she will turn on or off at your request) and she plays music while working. Being such a new office she has all of the latest gadgets in the world of dentistry.

This really was a great dental experience (seriously...I just said that), so if you are in the need of a dentist and dont mind heading out to Ashburn, I highly highly recommend Dr. Azmoudeh

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